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Cushing’s is currently one of the most common metabolic diseases in our stables. Whether a horse needs a little longer to change its coat in spring or suffers from laminitis in autumn or is simply old: the diagnosis is quickly made, and the solution is already there: you just have to give a pill and all problems will disappear.
Unfortunately, Cushing’s is also the most common misdiagnosis. This lecture will explain how “real” Cushing’s (Pituitary Pars Intermediate Dysfunction, PPID) differs from “Pseudo-Cushing’s” (Peripheral Cushing’s), how Cushing’s symptoms can develop without “real” Cushing’s being present and why the ACTH value is not suitable for a Cushing’s diagnosis.

Most horses that are diagnosed with Cushing’s can be completely symptom-free with the right feeding, management, and metabolic support, without any medication at all.

This lecture aims to show the many possible reasons for Cushing’s symptoms and how the symptoms can be treated and not just “pushed away”.

The lecture series does not replace a veterinarian or therapist. They are intended to provide background knowledge on metabolic diseases for horse owners and show additional support options from the areas of husbandry, feeding or exercise management that every horse owner can positively influence for his horse.

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