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These days, coughing is feared similarly to colic or laminitis in most stables. As soon as a horse chokes on a little speck of dust and lets out a cough, panic breaks loose, the therapy machines start working and all sorts of powders are being fed. But one important distinction is missing: there’s a difference between symptom and illness.

That’s why we’re looking at the different reasons for coughing reflexes and the differences between acute and chronic cough in the lecture [Coughing]. Especially for chronic cough, we’re taking apart the possible reasons, from wrong treatment with chronic mucus retention to dry airways or self-made allergic reactions.

You can only successfully treat the illness if you understand the reason behind it, and then the symptom “cough” disappears on its own. Instead of putting the cart before the horse and wanting to get rid of the cough no matter what, ask yourself why the horse is coughing and start there – then the treatment and therapy are bound to be a success.

The lecture series does not replace a veterinarian or therapist. They are intended to provide background knowledge on metabolic diseases for horse owners and show additional support options from the areas of husbandry, feeding or exercise management that every horse owner can positively influence for his horse.

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