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Jin Shin Jyutsu, also known as “healing flows”, originally comes from Japan. The method is older and more original than the meridian teachings of TCM, which are similar in many respects, and yet is much easier to learn.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, energy also flows via energy channels that are connected to each other via energy locks. The locks are activated and held in a certain order with the hands, thus creating or activating certain energy pathways in the body. This process is called flowing.

The influence and help always takes effect on 3 levels:

  • emotional
  • physically and
  • spiritual

which makes the mode of action very deep and comprehensive

The hands

The hands have various functions in Jin Shin Jyutsu. They open, close, or equalise. The hands play a central role in Jin Shin Jyutsu. The left hand is the opening hand, the right hand can close or fill and both hands together neutralise and balance the energies. By placing the hands accordingly, an effect can also be specifically promoted or minimised.


It is applied by placing your hands on the safety energy locks (SEL’s), of which there are 26 on each side of the body.

This releases blockages and reopens the energy pathways in the body. When the energy can flow freely again, healing and health are promoted on all levels. As the treatment method allows energy to flow freely through the body again and thus contribute to healing, the use of Jin Shin Jyutsu is also referred to as “healing flows”.

Energy flows in horses can be impaired by stress, incorrect management or feeding, genetic strain and injuries. The blocked energy can then cause disharmony, which manifests itself in illnesses, both physical and mental.

Generally speaking, a point is energised until a pulsation can be felt in the fingers or the palm of the hand. Warmth can also develop. The pulsation or warmth of the hands is a sign that the energy is flowing again. The horses usually express the change in their energy system themselves through clear signs of relaxation such as exhaling, chewing, or yawning.

Locks and flow

There are 26 energy points on each side of the body, which are called safety energy locks (SEL’s) in Jin Shin Jyutsu. They are mirrored and can be found on the same part of the body on the right and left.

The number and position of each individual energy lock indicates a specific theme and has its own meaning. The locks form energetic centres on the body, which extend from their centre to a diameter of around one hand’s width and lie on different energy pathways. The size of the locks makes it very easy to place the hands on them and therefore easy to learn, compared to the treatment of acupuncture points, for example, which are often very small.

The locks form the nodal points for all flows and energy pathways in the body. When all locks are open and in balance, energy flows evenly through our being. When there is abuse of any kind, emotional or physical, the safety energy lock system is activated, and flows are blocked. In this way, the locks serve as a kind of early warning system, signalling when certain parts of the system are overloaded.

The currents are created or (re-)activated by means of fixed sequences in the treatment, such as how and in what order the locks are held together. The individual currents are assigned to specific depths in Jin Shin Jyutsu and can therefore be specifically addressed for different problems. There are 12 organ flows (comparable to the organ meridians in TCM), but also many other defined currents such as the lock flow, special flow, corrective flow, and reversal flow, all of which fulfil a specific function.

The scope of the application is therefore immense and varied and the results are very often overwhelming.

They are all simple applications but have a huge effect on the whole system – from the mind to the body. Anyone can learn and practise Jin Shin Jyutsu. With a little finesse, you can also flow intuitively without following fixed flow patterns, you just need to know where to find the locks.

Horses react particularly sensitively to this method of energetic work. Like all animals, they are impartial and do not make judgements. They love the flow and visibly relax; many even fall asleep.
Jin Shin Jyutsu is suitable for every horse owner, regardless of whether you want to support your horse alongside veterinary therapy or use the flow regularly as a preventative measure to avoid the development of illnesses.

It’s easy to learn, requires no prior knowledge and is simply fun!

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