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Is your horse’s well-being keeping you up at night, searching for solutions?

Are you tired of seeing your beloved horse struggle with health issues?

Do you long for the confidence to provide your horse with the best nutrition and care?

Our ADVANCED online course “Healthy Horse” in 3 parts suits professionals and caring horse owners who aim to explore in-depth healthy and natural horse nutrition.

Discover in our digital masterclasses how your horse’s well-being is directly influenced by its diet.

Part 3 Themes:

• Different primal types of horses and their influence on modern equines

• Distinguishing between fat and connective tissue storage, and their implications

• Difference between fat, lymphatic or muscular horses

• Managing overweight horses based on lymphatic or fat storage type

After your purchase, you’ll have 30 days of unlimited access to the video content. Watch it at your convenience, pause or rewind as often as you wish.

Course Duration: Part 3 consists of over 2 hours, plus an additional 1-hour Q&A bonus session.

Join us and learn how to feed your horse back to health!