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In addition to optimizing feeding and housing, therapeutic support can also be provided for FFWS. For example, a combination of calming herbs, bitter herbs, and lapacho bark can be used for horses suffering from FFWS due to stress.

GasterCare forte, in combination with liquorice extract (do not administer liquorice extract for longer than 2 weeks), helps soothe the stomach lining in cases of stomach ulcers.

Bales of haylage
If you switch from haylage to grass and hay, you can give ColoProtect and Prodic. © Adobe Stock / Westwind

If you switch from feeding haylage to grass and hay, you can give ColoProtect and Prodic to help stabilise the intestinal environment

In all cases, either psyllium (husks) or Jerusalem artichokes should be given at the same time to absorb the faecal water and ensure that the therapeutic measures can take effect.

Free Faecal Water Syndrome (FFWS) should not be taken lightly, as it always indicates a significantly disturbed environment in the large intestine, which has far-reaching effects on the horse’s entire metabolism.

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