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If you ride through the countryside with your eyes open, you will see the autumn landscape adorned with ripe and vibrant rose hips.

These bright red fruits are easily spotted on rose bushes and can be a valuable addition to your horse’s diet.

Experimenting with rose hips is simple: you can pluck a handful on your next hack and carry them with you, perhaps in your pocket. Alternatively, you could pause at a rose bush and allow your horse to sample the fruits right then and there.

Rose hips are not only full of essential vitamins, but their seeds also house high-quality fatty acids that are readily digestible. These fatty acids contribute positively to your horse’s metabolism and overall well-being.

Additionally, the mild anti-inflammatory properties found in rose hips can be particularly beneficial for older horses with arthritic issues, especially during the damp and cold conditions that autumn often brings.

It’s important to recognize that each horse’s taste preferences are unique—some may readily embrace rose hips, while others might not take to them as easily. You just have to try and see.

For those horses that show an affinity for rose hips, incorporating a handful into their diet every few days throughout the winter can serve as a nutritious and low-calorie treat.

As autumn transitions into the colder months, the benefits of rose hips can continue to support your horse’s well-being.