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Ordinarily, horses do not need vitamin supplementation. They typically acquire these essential nutrients from their primary feed sources such as grass and hay, or they synthesise them internally, or obtain them from their gut’s microbial inhabitants. However, a dry summer can lead to a less optimistic picture regarding the availability of certain vitamins, particularly vitamins A and E.

Insufficient rainfall and subsequent lack of regrowth not only contribute to hay shortages in numerous regions but also impact the optimal provision of vitamins. The scarcity of rain during the summer affects the overall vitamin content, highlighting the importance of ensuring horses receive adequate vitamins through their diet.

To address potential vitamin deficits, OKAPI Wild Berries is recommended. This blend of assorted dried berries is not only eagerly consumed, adding a delightful flavour variation to the evening meal, but it also boasts valuable vitamins and bioflavonoids. This supplement can help compensate for the nutritional gaps that horses may have encountered during the pasture season due to drought conditions.

Occasionally including a handful of wild berries in the feed trough, mixed with hay cobs, or even scattered around the grooming area or paddock can introduce a pleasurable dietary change while promoting their overall health.