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Electrolytes for horses shouldn’t be forgotten in the heat. The scorching summer temperatures pose challenges for many horses. Merely standing in the pasture or seeking refuge in the shelter causes both us humans and our equine companions to sweat profusely. Through perspiration, the body loses a significant amount of minerals, known as electrolytes.

For horses, these electrolytes primarily include sodium, chloride, and magnesium. Most horses can replenish their normal electrolyte losses through mineral feeds. Hence, it is crucial to provide them with regular mineral supplementation, either in the feed bucket or as a lick.

In the summer season, OKAPI Pure Mineral G is an excellent choice. We have developed the OKAPI mineral products based on our experience alongside the OKAPI team and can confidently recommend them.

It is a pure blend of minerals and trace elements without added vitamins since horses can typically obtain sufficient vitamin intake from the pasture grass. However, if you reside in areas with mineral-deficient sandy or moorland soils, we recommend OKAPI Pasture Mineral G, specifically formulated to cater to horses fed mineral-poor forage.

If the horse has regular exercise, including rides during the cooler morning or evening hours, it perspires considerably more. During light work, a horse can lose up to 5 liters of sweat. Reliance on mineral supplementation alone may prove inadequate in such instances, as an excess of trace elements would be absorbed relative to electrolytes.

Hence, it is imperative to address mineral loss during extremely warm weather by giving OKAPI Electrolytes after exercise.

The glucose present in the formulation is quickly absorbed by the muscles and stored as energy reserves, while the electrolytes help restore the lost minerals. This proactive approach can prevent health complications arising from electrolyte imbalances.