SANOANIMAL - sustainable and holistic feeding and therapy knowledge for your horse

More and more horse owners have to deal with partly chronic health problems of their horse instead of finding fun and happiness on the back of their four-legged friend.

Especially when it comes to metabolic problems such as sweet itch, EMS or KPU, the veterinarian is often at their wit’s end because this area is hardly addressed in veterinary studies.

Many feed manufacturers promise mueslis or feed supplements for this or that problem, but in practice this rarely improves the symptoms.

In our practice for feed consulting and integrated animal therapy, we have been dealing with metabolic problems in horses for a long time.

Through this practice we have been able to gain a lot of experience with different feeding and therapy concepts and are happy to pass this knowledge on to you - so that your horse can get better. We rely on the power of nature - species-appropriate feeding and keeping with support in the therapy phase through proven naturopathic remedies.

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We work closely with the OKAPI team, who are leaders in the development and formulation of healthy, natural and sustainable feeds for horses.

In our collaboration with OKAPI, we help to optimally adapt OKAPI products from a therapeutic point of view to sustainable health therapies for horses, to continuously optimise the ingredients from a health and biological point of view and to develop new products that help you to feed your horses healthily again. True to the common motto: as much as necessary, but as little as possible - so that your horse gets better.

The OKAPI team will also be happy to send you product samples if you want to test whether your horse accepts the feed first -