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It's becoming more common for horse owners to face chronic health issues with their horses, rather than enjoying carefree rides and fun times. This is especially true with metabolic problems like sweet itch, EMS, or KPU. Often, even vets are stumped, as these issues aren't widely covered in veterinary training.

You've probably seen loads of feed brands promising miracle mueslis or supplements for various health issues. But let's be real, these solutions seldom work as well as they claim.

In our feed consulting and integrated animal therapy practice, we've been tackling these kinds of horse metabolic problems for more than 15 years. We've experimented with different feeding and therapy strategies and gathered a wealth of practical know-how.

We're excited to share this knowledge with you, so your horse can start feeling better. Our approach? We believe in nature's magic. We advocate for natural, species-appropriate diets and support therapy with time-tested natural remedies.

Any questions or problems not yet covered in our articles? reach out to us at office.uk@sanoanimal.de.

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We are proud to collaborate with the OKAPI team, renowned leaders in developing healthy, natural, and sustainable horse feeds.

Our partnership focuses on enhancing OKAPI products from a therapeutic standpoint. We work together to ensure these feeds not only contribute to sustainable health therapies for horses but are also continually improved in terms of health and biological benefits.

In our joint partnership, we are dedicated to formulating new products that encourage healthier feeding habits for your horses. Our shared philosophy is straightforward: provide what is necessary, but as minimally as possible, to aid in the betterment of your horse's health.

For those interested in trying out OKAPI feeds, the team and its local distributors is ready to offer product samples. This allows you to test your horse's acceptance of the feed before making a decision to change. To request samples, please contact the OKAPI team at kontakt@okapi-online.de.