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The ADVANCED online course “Healthy Horse ” in 3 parts: a digital masterclass that suits professionals and caring horse owners who aim to explore in-depth healthy and natural horse nutrition.

Find out in our online course how your feeding influences your horses’ wellbeing!

Themes part 2:

• Why do our horses develop „lifestyle diseases“ like excess weight or skin affections?

• How does „detoxification“ work on a physiological level?

• Liver and Kidney function explained – and how to recognise early signs for detox issues

• Cryptopyrroluria (KPU) – a common health issue underlying many metabolic symptoms like sweet itch, laminitis, chronic cough, obesity etc

• How do you recognise that your horse has health problems and what are the early markers for metabolic problems

The video content is available after your purchase for 30 days. You can watch it whenever it suits best to you, pause or rewind as many times as you like.

Duration: Teaching units approx. 4 hours plus a Q&A bonus session of approximately 1 hour.

Join us and discover how to feed your horse back to health!

Team Sanoanimal